Daily Profit 3 %. No clicking. No need to refer.

Daily Profit 3 %. No clicking. No need to refer.
Daily Profit 3%. No clicking. No need to refer.

onsdag 18 maj 2016

Everyone can participate 100% FREE.

Two Ways to Earn.

Essentially, our compensation plan allows two ways for you to earn.
  1. POSTING CONTENT. When you post quality content and people come to your pages, you earn because we sell advertising, promote products, and sell subscriptions through your pages.
  2. REFERRING. When you tell others about Pages@bitbillions, or when people join because they came to your pages, you earn Direct and Extended Referral bonuses when they earn.


SIGN UP here: https://bitbillions.com/?aff=552

We estimate the site will be fully working by June 1, 2016

testing and debugging
we estimate the site will be fully working by June 1, 2016
We are working around the clock to get this revolutionary new site launched. Right now there is not much to see or do. We apologize for that. But we assure you some really cool stuff is on it's way, and it is going to be VERY PROFITABLE for you! Please be patient while we get updates published.


fredag 6 maj 2016

Message from the CEO (as posted in the skype room)

Message from the CEO (as posted in the skype room)
UPDATE: We are still slow cooking Profit Pages, but things are moving forward much better today. Today, I started working around 7:30 AM my time. It is now 12:45 AM (after midnight). So, that makes for a 17 hour day. Today, I hit a snag getting PHP7.0 to play nice with all our server debugging, testing, and error reporting tools. These are very important tools for developing and launching new platforms. The most important too...ls are the ones that let me know exactly what is going on and where there are errors (database, javascripts, php code, etc.) when I push things live and you guys start trying to break it. That is developer language for you guys start using the new stuff.
I worked all day and got all our debugging and error reporting working with PHP7.0 and other new code on our servers. After getting server infrastructure 100% completed, completing all testing, debugging, reporting tools, I moved on to setting up the CSS and JS and PHP templates for our new site themes.
Site theme is completed.
I have started putting content into the new site theme. After 17 hours, I am going to sleep 6-8 hours now. Then, back to work. Really hoping I will have the new "holding pattern" site live by tomorrow. I am 95% sure it will happen.
Please keep your downlines and others informed of what I am updating here in this room. Have a great day/evening/night wherever you are!

måndag 22 februari 2016

3,729 people have earned money with bitbillions.

3,729 people have earned money with bitbillions.
1,830 have earned money this year.
1,288 earned money this month.
616 earned money yesterday.

Here are some tips to increase your earnings.

1. Take part in the daily tasks.
By viewing websites and videos you will earn a small amount each time. This will also give you shares in the daily profit pools. Provided you have completed a task at least once in the last 30 days you will be eligible for 7 level roll up commissions from your downline. This can multiply your earnings.

2. Share your referral links and marketing pages.
The way to get referrals is to tell people about bitbillions and share your referral links. There are links, banners and pages that you can share to build your team. The more active your team the more you can earn. Targetting advertisers looking for cheap online advertising is a great place to start.

3. Promote shop products.
By promoting the shop products you can earn great commissions sometimes with ongoing residual commissions. Commissions vary depending on the sale made, typically members will earn between $5 and $30 per sale.

4. Promote the shop campaigns
Currently the biggest commissions available are for members that have a referral that creates a shop campaign. A member with a shop campaign will earn $22.50 for a direct referral that creates a campaign. A member with no active shop campaign will earn $11.25 for a direct referral that creates a campaign.

To be eligible for a payout you must:
1. Have a verified profile.
2. Have a valid payment processor email on your profile.
3. Have earnings that exceed your minimum withdrawal limit at midnight on the last day of the previous month.


onsdag 10 februari 2016

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