lördag 1 oktober 2016

This is now LIVE on the site:

1. 100 bonus points every day for signing in.

2. Ability to instantly convert Points to Credits,
    when you have at least 2000 Points.

3. Real-time profit pool...

4. Real-time point value.

5. Real-time adjustment of all items when people convert.

6. Points expire after 20 days (there is a list showing what points you have that will expire.


lördag 30 juli 2016

Bitbillions - Are you losing money?

I am earning money every day @ Bitbillions.

Are you?

You need to log in to your account
and check out if you are losing money.

Pages@Bitbillions are now up and running.

Upgrade ASAP before your downline....


lördag 2 juli 2016

How Much Money Can You Make on Pages@bitbillions?

You can EASILY make over $538 in your first 60 days
if you activate your subscription and start telling others
about Pages @ bitbillions.

There are many HUGE commission and prize opportunities
such as these listed below.

- $48 Direct Referral Activation Commissions
- $3.25 Extended Referral Commissions
- $250 FAST START Bonus
- $26 Direct Referral Renewal Commissions
- Up to $5,000 CASH Contest Prizes



lördag 4 juni 2016

Pages Subscriptions Live.

We are within a few days of launching the Pages platform for members. This will allow you to make posts that you will be able to earn from. You can now activate your pages subscription by going to your business settings page then clicking on 'Increase Earning Potential". That will take you to the activate account page.

From there just click on Activate Now and choose which subscription level you want.

There will be set formats for the posts to ensure they are better for indexing online and to help you provide better content. Ultimately with good content you will generate better income.

One of the things that will make Pages extremely valuable is that posts will be shared to bitbillions own social networks, as well as our homepage. If your posts are attractive then you are sure to get a lot of traffic from that. This is something that would appeal to bloggers making them a target audience for you if you are after referrals.

Here is an example of what I mean.

You make a post up about a topic you like. As a Pages subscriber that post goes to the bitbillions homepage. It also gets posted to bitbillions facebook, google, twitter and many other social networks that we are getting ready for it. With good content and being on the social networks your post is indexed on google. Now you have your post linked in many places that people may find it. If they like it you know what they will do, they will share it.
People come to your post which gives you views. Those views are shown to you as points which are used in the sharing of advertising revenue. Each month you will earn a share of the revenue based on those points. You will also earn from any product sales and subscriptions generated by your page/posts. You may even gain some referrals from the process.

Your referrals are valuable too. Let's say they make some posts that get a lot of traffic. They are earning from it and due to that you are too. The more successful your referrals pages are, the more you will earn. So helping referrals with quality will help you as well.